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Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Day of sKewl!?? well, oh yea!

'd best thing about 2ni8 we're nt fighting... cud it be dat we hav been diz way be4...' (alarm)

opened my eyes, brushed my teeth (etc in d toilet), wore my uniform, combed my hair
went to skewl
riiiinnnggg! (not yet but almost)

where cud dey be??
canteen of coz! moron!
so, joined my besties der lar
Shanu overjoyed got my present (an ugly-lookin teddy bear XP )
wow, itz like my mom cn read her minds
dats d present she's dreaming of!

"2day is a PERFECT day" (diz was Shanu talkin')
LOL (oni sum of u really understand diz XD )
four of us went bck 2 claz
first creature i saw was chuchu!
then ning2!
n d first thing attracted me was Ning's yummy-lookin' chocolate!
n she gave sum 2 me! thnxy thnx Ning!

7am-8am : mission- get d claz cleaned up
we r d lazyasses!
no one wanna do d cleaning
instead we got paperball fight
P/S : Shanu who started it!
Ending : claz got dirty
i dunno y d heck i got my 'kerajinan' bck
'dengan rajinnya' i helped out n swept d eww! floor
so damn pissed wif those who did nuttin but blocking my part-where-i-wanna-sweep
Get lost! (who yg terasa, spend me chocolate!)

8am-10am : event- last assembly..?
as usual lar
kawal students n all dat
so bored n tired!
Joanne even got backache
(dey shud ready us prefects chairs!)
Finally d last bell rang!
guess what!?
sum1 threw 'dat'!
&#%@ ya all!

me n Shanu went 2 canteen
i made fwen wif Anu! (dat lower six cute guy!)
oh no, dun even think bout dat!

(10mins bck be4 dat)
we hugged each other (Jojo, Kimi, Shasha, Ning2, Chu2, Chel, Stepie.. n sum guys)
no, i didnt hug guys, i juz shaked deir hands


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