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Friday, November 7, 2008

Snoopy Snoopers

Staring by

Co-staring by
Shanu's senior assistant

Date : 07 November 2008
Venue : Rohayu Restaurant
Time : After 10am
Event : Jojo's Date!

Jojo got a date!
n guess who her date was!?
10 points 4 u! her ex! Cherry !
Agent Nicole n Shanu got into d case
dey were snoopin' out dem!
Cherry tried actin' cool talkin' 2 Jojo
n guess wat agen!?
no mark 4 u! next!
Bwendon (d bad guy in diz scene) was der!
Kacauing daun

so, Agent Nicole n Shanu arrested d bad guy
once agen d N&S saved d day!
"wat!? i juz arrived here!" Bwendon tried givin' excuses
we pulled him away frm d love birds
"u dun hav anythin 2 say to me??" Shanu gav her suspicious look
"ah? wat ? say n tell u wat?" Bwendon looked innocent (bt actually he's nt!)
Shanu waited, waited n waited..
"Agent Shanu, u got to go bck to base! Boss has arrived!"Agent Shanu's senior assistant reported
so, both agents headed diff ways
Agent Nicole headed bck to her base n so did Agent Shanu to hers
n so Bwendon d bad guy has escaped n continued his evil crime!


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