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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FunS of Sleepin'Over!

2 days, 2 nites
location : Shanu's house, Damai

itz holiday! so, how about a sleepover!? yeah!
Me & Jojo went to Shasha's house 4 d gals' activity!
(yep, i noe.. u might b wondering y oni 3 of us.. well, she didnt wanna go.. X( )
I stayed der 4 2 nites, Jojo oni got to stay 4 1 nite (i doubt dat she really wanna go.. hm..)

1st nite (10pm ++, 9 nov 2008, sunday, raining)
we watched supernatural 3 epd 8!
huhuhu scaaarryyy...
i love u dean n sam! muaaxxxx!!
gospin' til 2am (i guess..)
(who tergigit lidah during ur sleep, well, u might jz b in our topic dat day)
i bet dat 'person' was having a nightmare! hehehehe.. shhh.. wont tell ya who!

2nd day (10nov, Monday, bright in d day, rain in d ni8)
cookiess!! we made kuih makmur n Veron made.. hmm... kuih daliah (i dunno wat d heck d name is) yum yum...!! urgh! shit! i'm gettin fatter!
1 of d bestest hang over nite!
me, Shasha, Joanne, Navin (Shasha's bro), Mazree n his sot2 bro, Meerza! u freakin' boy!
hang over at Yoyo cafe, Damai!
then, we went jln2
entered Rinko (gift shop)
Tq 4 d name keychain, Shanu!!
Meerza might b skinny, bt he got damn BIG APPETITE!
first wanna go kedai mamak oni
but dunno y, changed mind went to Burger KIng
got liang zai!! damn! so cute! n gays (yuck!)
tiba2 Fadly came from nowhere (shoot! forgot 2 wish him gud luck in SPM)
Jojo was bz SMSing her u-know-who!
bck at house -Continued gossipin' till 4am (i slept at2.30am)

3rd day! (11 nov, Tuesday, bright day.. urgh! silau!)
-watched Princess Hours (epsd 13-14 oni)
-went jln2 at Damai, rented 2 movies 4 RM9
-watched Final Destination 1 & 3
well, u noe bout final destination

Special thnx 2 Shanu's dad 4 antar me pulang rumah safe n sound!


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