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I dun hav ma own hp, dats totally fine 4 me...
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I'ma moron, dats totally wicked!...
I hav besties, dats a total thumbs-up!...
I try to change, itz a total disaster!

Friday, March 20, 2009

off skewl, on holiday resting my lazy ass

i miz my fwens at skewl~
huhuhu X(

now im in indon doin nuttin as dey were no fwens other than my own lil sis
com oso kna kabas by my sis
i jz got my hands off d keyboard 4 10 secs, der her hands controlling d keys.. boooo..
so, der i was sittin on d couch..
watching HBO, Cinemax, Starmovies o even Axn
whichever fun appear on d screen
well, douple super LOL on Wipe Out!
Hilarious, man!

im soooo gonna miz
-my blue bicycle
-d plyground we oways ply
-d house in indon (SL 35) we've been staying since i was primary 6
-even d male cat which i hav been feeding wif luv n care n stil cakar my hands (sob..sob..)
-d living room where my sis n i sleep every ni8 each time we come here
-overall, im sooo gonna miz indon!

big chance we r not coming here anymore
my dad took a very long holiday wifout salary
so, der wil b outcome, no income
if we cn manage our lives bck in kk
then, my dad wil not b working here anymore
but, oso there's a gud thing of coz
finally, after 14 years growing up wifout dad by our sides
at last, he returns n yea, we gonna stay together
guess my prayer bck when i was in form 2 is finally fulfilled..


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