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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sports Days! thurs - 2moro sunday

it was extremely tiring, but worth it!
got my skin tanned, nah, actually burnt! almost got fever on 1st day!
won 3 gold medals (lembing,cakera & peluru) & 1 silver for tarik tali
my palms r killin' me!
tarik tali punya psl la neyh!

d best part is i talked to many2 quite unfamiliar peeps
so, we made fwens
d worst part is i didnt pecah record, sob.. sob.. :(
so hepy dat many peeps supported me during me tarik tali
TQ u all!! im famous, many ppl noe me! hehehe...

i really wanted to help out at d interact stall, but..
duty calls! priority!

so, overall it was quite fun
but honestly years be4 diz r much2 better
d padang is worse,like sawah padi
bau taik kerbau lg, eek!! byk lipan!!
i mizz d old time....
where everybody cheers 4 d team!


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