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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleepover At My House (2nd)

Actual date : 20 Dec

Diz time, lebih ramai..
Me, lala, Crystal, Dexter, Darrell, Delbert, NN (shanatra) & Jihan (shajihan)

We watched Colic (Thailand scary movie), actually not dat scary.. ok la.. Crystal blk2 terkejut, coz me & Dexter p kacau dia.. kunun2 ada org pegang blakang dia.. she got scared! hehehe.. XD we said we didnt do anything, then lg la dia takut.. she said "ee, sy rasa bha td.." We did d muka plastic "apa neyh..?".. lolx.. NN pla blk2 teriak.. once i threw a pillow at her time kin terkejut punya part movie.. she screamed! of coz.. haha! oso, smbil watch d movie, smbil eat junk food..
then, watched Gets Smart.. tetido dorang.. me paling lmbt coz play PSP..

D next morning, Nadzmi (who lives next door) knocked d door.. terbangun la.. we threw pillows at Darrell (tido mati!).. then, without noticing, we have started a pillow fight! Pillow fight in d morning lg tue.. haha! my parents went to pasar, so dey stayed till noon.. around 1pm, we went to Siak.. dey all went home.. Miz D Sleepover odi!

D next ni8, want a sleepover agen, but diz time..
hmm.. cnnt.. huhuhu.. we cried! (seriously)
especially NN, Darrell & me!


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