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Monday, February 2, 2009

Sports Day!

Date : 1 Feb (Sunday)
Venue : Stadium Likas

Sports is my fav!
hepy dat sports day has finally came
but dun noe y sumthin juz made me kinda hmm..
well, of coz i did enjoy d day
talked to lots of ppl happily
but sadly hav 2 b on duty
i thought we'll b off duty, cuz i wanted to cheer wif my sports house 2gether so badly..
won d title 'olaragawati kesuluruhan' n got a tall fake-gold trophy which i hav been waiting to get it 4 many2 years be4!!
sumthing spoiled my mood be4 d results.. *sigh
n sadly i didnt get picked 2 run 4 4x400m which i wanted to
made fwens wif d kakak2 form 6
dey r so fwenly n fun!
my fwens cheered 4 me 4 winning d olaragawati stuff
tq all!! i luv ya! XD

went to 1B after dat.. saw AF stars (nadia, syawal, mila, nubhan, ebi, ridz n another gal who wore tudung, i 4got her name.. ) singing onstage n had brief sesi autogrph
then, went jalan2.. had dinner at Fish & Co.
bought nuttin der xcept chu2's bday present.. burink owh 1B!


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