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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hockey is part of my life!

shud it b woohoo o huhuhu..??
well, both!
huhuhu for losing to DPM.. AGEN!
history repeated
lost 1-0
woohoo for getting myself selected!
muahahahha! XD
many of us frm kk gt selected, yeay!
Fatheen, Me, Dayah, Aniqah, Jojo (SMP), Athirah (SMP), Leona (Likas) & Azan (Stella Maris)
we r heading to Tawau diz sunday!
missing classes agen..
oh-uh..! i hope i'll catch up

im gonna treasure hockey memories all my life!
in 1 year, der r juz too many swt memories in hockey team
i reli feel grateful cz able 2 be in hockey team even for a year!


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