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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5 makmurianz on d ride to Yayasan Sabah

aww... baby Razdan was sleeping... Zzz...

Putz oways wif yummy2 food~ XD

Zzz.. he's adorable.. haha! XD

class trip is so much fun than any other trips!
so, we d 5 makmurianz went to diz so called Yayasan Sabah
got diz pameran & seminar pendidikan kerjaya boring stuff
dey talk n talk wifout noticing somebody was actually snoring
well, i noe cuz some1 did behind putrie n she cn hear d snores

baru start oso Razdan odi fell asleep
mmg inda heran la if him, d claz time tchr teaching oso he sleeps
hehe XD

so, time 1st rest, duii.. dey gav us 1 50sen mee hon n 1 kotak air bunga oni
2nd rest which was lunch time, 1 tapau of nasi cmpur bangas! n 1 gelas air!
wat d heck! terpaksa went to d cafe, itupun haiz..
buruk tmpt dia..
dorang Ning lg la sempat p n bck dri McD in less than 30 mins
after dat, got forum
boring la, kami satu baris dgr lagu
n safwan fell asleep too!
aww.. he's so cute when he sleeps.. X)
faw, jgn risau, sy inda suka dia.. ehe


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