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Monday, April 6, 2009

im lost n stil in pain

i tout afta 2 days i'll feel better
but stil deep in my heart cn stil feel d pain

2 days ago (4 april, saturday,mssd hockey)
be4 final games started
coach kas told him his first arrival at sabah college
d headmistress asked him wat he cn do 4 d skewl
so, he formed 2 hockey teams(boys n gals)
n said "give me 5 years, madam.."
so, diz year is d 5th year, but..
we lost in final..
i dun actually mind if we lost
but we lost badly, not wif pride!
we sucked dat time, we din perform wel!
d boys team ended up as gals team, 1st runner up
even worse when coach kas told us his resignation
we burst into tears
as if God is looking at us
he dropped d heavy rain
making us to feel even sad n cried in rain
which i felt even heartfuly sad
but tq for sending us d holy rain
we felt less awful cz no need to hide d pain inside

wif all my heart
i wanna say thank u, coach kasnizam
for oways being der for us
n making us from no one to someone..
may God oways b wif u to guide u n bless u for wat u hav done for us..


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