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I dun hav ma own hp, dats totally fine 4 me...
I nvr had a bf, dats totally cool 4 me...
I'ma moron, dats totally wicked!...
I hav besties, dats a total thumbs-up!...
I try to change, itz a total disaster!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kursus Kepimpinan pengawas thingy

we started off wif 'senamrobik' n kawad 4 20mins lyke dat
n guess who was d human being leading us ?
it was so damn funny!! well, u noe la she kn.. tda2 !! hahahahha! XD
then, gt ceramah from ur mom, tchr Su
got mkn2, nasi lemak from canteen!
sdap neyh bha.. inda sangka pla..
then,bengkel by tchr raynul, done group activity
then, gmbr d bawah dkt pejabat am tue..
then, pulang.. rush neyh mo p hockey dat petang!
chiaw bebe!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i forgot bha...

y many of u keep asking me to update my blog?

i nvr thought ya all wud really actually 'read' it

its juz like a diary to me
c wat i hav done o achieved o wateva

but honestly, i forgot to update!

first priority is fs


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