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I dun hav ma own hp, dats totally fine 4 me...
I nvr had a bf, dats totally cool 4 me...
I'ma moron, dats totally wicked!...
I hav besties, dats a total thumbs-up!...
I try to change, itz a total disaster!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Think Peeps!!!

all d pix r taken from my dad's cam
d nature dat we wanna keep
wake up ppl! u might not notice, but ur destoying ur own hometown!
stop littering! stop spitting! stop throwing stuff! stop all ur unbearable act!
Look ur surrounding!
Listen to d news!
Jakarta is flooded cuz d ppl der throw rubbish into d rivers & seas
dey care nuttin else except themselves
in d end, dey face d probs dey've caused
lets juz zoom bck to OUR so-called kk
look at Sembulan! bet mosquitoes live wif them
& my skewl as well
d students r getting worse!
pity d cleaners
plz ppl! hav some selfrespect!
think! stupid morons!
u might think its funny 2 c sum1's shoe got sticky cuz ur damn gum
u r walkin down d street face up, proudly & so fabulously or lookin' very cool
all of a sudden, 'yuck!'
how embarassing!
"wow! he's so cool! tough, sitting der lookin' cool wif dat smokes"
yea rite! i'll say!
die young rrrr cool..!
but duh! u'll suffer d pain
think its gud to hav a boyfwen who is a smoker
u'll die earlier than he does
if both of u r smokers
well, u'll die much earlier than u supposed to
so, i urged u to think & take some action!
stop ur bad act!
its a big no-no
o we'll meet even greater disasters earlier than u ever think of!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Short Trip To Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi! 6 hours from my place (like kk-sandakan)

so cold..!!
weird owh dat place
its kinda a hilly town
so coooollllddddd at nite!
i wonder y indonesia got many guys
mayb d gals stay indoor mayb..?
so at nite, we went to d ' Jam Gadang'
mcam clock tower gitu ka d satu park arh
ppl were like lookin' at us
do my face look like an alien?
n supprisingly a saleguy remembered me d next morn'
"ei, ko yg semalam tue kan?"
"arh?? arh?? arh??", then i walked away (hehe,how rude was i!)

we went to a zoo oso (like kids ne bha, wee~!)
got babi hutan!! urgh! so fierce!
funny lookin' bear
veryx100 old orang utan (u can judge juz by lookin' at it)
a female monkey who was pregnant (& mcam datang bulan ne, got blood.. yee...!)
got students training karate lg (sy pun pandai karate bha!! blue belt lg! cam taik ne!)
day passed by (raining! Sh&T!)

nite came, we juz ate black pepper steak & alpukat juice!(aka avocado juice )
so, there were me, lala(my sis), mom, dad, razzle & ritchelle (my sabahan fwens who oso here in indon & joined d trip, went wif us without deir parents)
stayed in Gran Malindo (sish! i thought granD malindo! ler...)
d toilet sucked ! believe me!
wahh! d masjid so near wif d hotel dat i can hear d azan in d mornin'!
sda la sy tido dekat tingkap, nasib skejap jak (fiuh!)
but third day la lama cuz dey got hari raya korban ka (sumthin to do wif korban d moo2)
so dey got to pray in d masjid, padang bola basah, hujan punya psl la ne..
story continued!
went to waterfall(sejuk ne bha klu p dekat2)
ada lg ne lelaki curi2 gmbr kami cam kami nda perasaan bha! palui!
th3n, p lake (besar!!!! pecaya la!)
got boys mandi-manda agen pakai sansut sja
kecik2 sda pandaik hisap rokok bha! (untung ne klu jual rokok d indon, hehhehe...)
took a small spin wif a boat, d hills were cloudy, nice oso la
went bck home!!!
here in perawang town!

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