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I dun hav ma own hp, dats totally fine 4 me...
I nvr had a bf, dats totally cool 4 me...
I'ma moron, dats totally wicked!...
I hav besties, dats a total thumbs-up!...
I try to change, itz a total disaster!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Song

luv Our Song by Taylor Swift
d 1st time d melody entered my ears
if u sing along
syiok eh
gave me joy for a moment

neway, these r my recent most-played o fav songs
juz wanna share
i noe they r suck
biarlah.. hehe
-Our Song (Taylor Swift)
-Im still breathing (Katy Perry)
-Sunday Morning song (Howie Day)
-You're not alone & Ben (Michael Jackson)
-Im your angel (Celine Dion ft R.Kelly)
-any Colbie Caillat's Songs
-I dont wanna miss a thing (Aerosmith)
-To be with you & You can (David Archuleta)
-Candles (Hey Monday)
-The world's greatest (R.Kelly)
-Always be my baby & I'll be there (Mariah Carey)
-Now and forever (Richard Marx)
-Sugar (Flo Rida)
-Fire Burning (Sean Kingston)
-New Shoes (Paolo Nutini)
-i'd come for you (Nickleback)

-Because you loved me (Celine Dion)

Friday, July 10, 2009

room 000 plz

once, there were 3 ppl died n entered hell
a shoemaker, a carpenter n a bitch
so, d headjudge of hell asked
"i giv u 1 last chance to cntribute to d world
n prove hell is not d place where u belong"
so, the shoemaker answered,
"i will make every single human in diz world a pair of shoes"
n so, he did..
he is rewarded a golden key
dat allows him to enter heaven
next, d carpenter
"i will use my bare hands n make furnitures for d entire world"
so, he did too gt a golden key
lastly, d bitch
"i will satisfy every single man living in this world"
she did n everyman is satisfied with her work
n so, d headjudge handed her a silver key
"y did i gt a silver key? y dey gt golden keys..?"
"well, dat key is to my room"!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

its hard for me to 4get

when will diz dilemma ends!!!
im hepy from d outside
but inside..?
help me end this..
my colourful world is fading
becoming a world of black and white

Monday, July 6, 2009

how pathetic am i

to turn down every guy dat ever like o even luv me
hurts me alot cuz i noe hw sad it is
but, to turn down my fwens reli kills me
i duno wat d hell happened to me
i reli hate myself ri8 now
at ni8,i listened to d music n cried
when d lights were out
n my sis was sleeping
i duno whether to miz d old pathetic me o not
nw, im better with my confidence
bt, things weren't juz going pretty well
i gained sumthing
n i lost sumthing even more precious
well, i seldom mad at sum1
cz i oways try to understand them no matter wat
everything we do, oways gt a reason for dat
mayb im mad, but jz for a while
but when ppl mad at me, it feels like 4ever
ppl mad at me, im d 1 begging 4 forgiveness
i mad at ppl, im d 1 who says sorry
until ppl tired of listening it sumtimes
is it mayb cuz i oways think of others
more than myself?
o is it ppl dun understnd when i oso need
to hv fun but by duin other stuff?
i can b selfish too
i admit dat
but i can admit dat im nt as ego as others
well, i try not to
cuz i hate to have cold relationships
even with strangers
mayb i juz want to c a happy world
im juz glad if im able to help ppl
we r ol God's creations
so, lets juz respect others
n treat them well
even if they treat u badly
well, i dun care much about myself
i jz hope others will be happy...

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